What I have learned.. so far!

I am currently taking a Social Media Marketing course at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. This week I have realized the amount of time management that goes into creating, aligning and managing multiple social media accounts. I have learned I will need to allocate more time to all aspects of managing my social media throughout the week. My future in business and marketing could be greatly benefited from my regular participation.

Many companies and organizations create profiles and pages but fail to utilize them to their full potential. Social media sites need to be managed consistently, and the activity alignment on all company profiles and pages must be consistent and reflect one another. This is why they must integrate social media capabilities with current marketing and media strategies, so they are managed efficiently and effectively.

There is opportunity in creating brand awareness through these mediums, and it is silly to not place your mark on social media and spread your brand across the globe; Even as an individual. It is important to have unique name (brand) consistent with all social media accounts, an example is my own: CarwfordAtm; this is so viewers and consumers can find your brand on all social media platforms.

My technical knowledge of social media , is not as great as I thought. I have signed up for BLOGGING101 a free course that I found my first day on WordPress; cannot wait till it starts in February. I understand the importance of social media as a tool and having the ability to utilize it to its full potential. I will continue on this learning path towards becoming a better blogger and maybe one day a social media expert.


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