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First time POST Analysis..

POST ANALYSIS of Virgin Atlantic

POST is a four step planning process that is helpful when a company decides to work with technology (the internet); people, objective, strategy and technology are the four components. It’s a constructive tool, and has been stated that “POST is the foundation of groundswell thinking” (Li, 2011). Below is a POST analysis of Virgin Atlantic, and what I feel would be beneficial for the company.


Virgin Atlantic customers want to be heard, they are ready to let Virgin know what they need and what they love about flying with them. Virgin Atlantics social techno-graphics are broad as they have a large consumer base and multiple demographics.

Virgin Atlantics target market has a large demographic, their Economy, Premium Economy and Upper Class are set at various prices at a large range dividing their target market and marketing strategy. Their target markets psychographics are very specific; they would have specific life style interests such as; traveling, change, excitement. The target market would have an attitude associated with the Virgin brand, and what a represents to their peers.

This target market have specific lifestyle interests such as travelling, most travelers research their destination of choice as well as flights online, as this is where most relevant information about travelling is readily available.

Click here to view my breakdown of Virgin Atlantics social techno-graphics.


Listening (research), monitoring customers discussions about Virgin services, both positive and negative.  This gives Virgin a very useful research tool to better understand their customer’s needs; as well as services that have room for improvement. Listening to consumers is useful in regards to creating marketing and public relations campaigns, which Virgin produce regularly worldwide.

If Virgin Atlantic is successful with the listening objective (research), it is recommended to embrace (development) their customers. Working with the customers to create ideas and concepts Virgin can use to make your flying experience that much more wonderful.


Virgin currently maintain a positive place in the minds of consumers, the listening objective will support the company and let consumers know “were listening, talk to us”.  They currently maintain multiple social media platforms and operate multiple blogs. The listening objective will support a positive change within the Virgin Atlantic online community and increase brand awareness.


Travel/Flying Blog that will create a Virgin Atlantic flying community, where consumers can discuss their flying experience with virgin with other consumers. This will also be viewed by the public acting also a marketing tool itself.



Li, C., & Bernoff, J. (2011). The social technographics profile. InGroundswell: Winning in a world transformed by social technologies. Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review Press.